Record keeping App for the Taxi & Private-Hire industry

Take your taxi business into the digital age and beat the competition to your next fare!

 record it Your way

Record fares at the touch of a button!

Our unique home screen design, makes recording transactions effortless. Choose what you want to see with custom fare and expense templates giving you all the tools you need instantly!

Don’t spend time between fares writing down transactions! Be on your way to your next fare the moment a passenger leaves the vehicle.

capture it Your way 

Capture expenses in a SNAP!

Expenses have never been so easy to record!  Bin those receipts filling up your glove compartment with our integrated photo capture.

Damage and lost receipts will be a thing of the past and all images are stored on our servers, saving valuable space on your phone for more important photos!

 Make it Your App

Customize and create whatever you need!

Save time and money with custom fare and expense templates tailed to your business. Add extras like parking fees and tolls.

Charge for baggage, wait times and vehicle fouling with a single click! ​Deduct service charges for account work and discount cards.

Convenient and Flexible

Enter transactions in real time, or at the end of the shift, week or month with your choice of automatic or manual date entry.

All fares and expenses are organised by date, letting you see just how much you earn or spend each day.

Secure your Data

Data is backed up in the cloud so even if your phone is lost or stolen your records are safe.

No Signal? don’t worry, you can still record those trips and as soon as you get a signal your data will be stored.

Connect With Your Accountant

Studies show 89% of business owners agreed that “working with an accountant was a critical element to the success of their business.”  – Sage

Export your records directly to your accountant from within the app.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


Design thats right for you

Record Fares and Expenses INSTANTLY!

Set up single-tap entry of your fares and expenses right on your home screen! Saving you time and money!

Paperless Record Keeping in a SNAP!

Take photos of your receipts as you enter them directly from within the app.

Designed for your Comfort and SAFETY!

Our high contrast, dark background, design is specifically chosen for your safety and comfort.

Secure and Convenient!

Cloud storage and date/time tracking makes record keeping secure and convenient.