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What is the TaxiMATE App?

The TaxiMATE App is a bookkeeping solution designed for Taxi Drivers and other fare providing services. Designed to facilitate HMRCs rules for digital record keeping under its Making Tax Digital plan.  While removing paper records has its benefits, it also comes with a price.

Most accounting software is tailored for businesses with much more complex accounting needs. Our goal is to provide a digital solution that is cost effective and simple.  Ease of use was at the heart of our design process.

Introduction & Tutorial Video (Version 1)

The TaxiMATE App is not

A replacement for your taxi meter. Whether you use Autocab, Uber, Lyft or regular meter, it is important to charge the correct fare.

TaxiMATE is a digital replacement to the traditional Taxi Record Book, to record those fares as they happen or at the end of your shift.

Over the course of our roadmap, we plan to integrate with many taxi dispatch systems and companies to create automatic fare recording.

A do-it-yourself tax return filer. TaxiMATE helps you record your fares and expenses on the go but does not collate this information into a tax return. Instead, our export feature allows you to download the data ready for importing into existing tax software.

Categories are pre-defined making it both simple to use and easy for accounting professionals to extract for your tax returns.

This allows the app to remain compliant regardless of regular changes to the tax system throughout the year and keeps those pretty charts and graphs accountants love so much out of your way, allowing you to focus on running your business.

While designed for the UK tax system, the TaxiMATE App is currency neutral, allowing it to work for dollars, pounds, yen or any other currency.

Just another taxi-finder app. There are literally hundreds of taxi finder apps for mobile devices, but TaxiMATE App is not one of them!

Our focus is on the driver, not the passenger.

There’s more to come…

We plan to release additional functionality over time, based on customer feedback. If there is a feature you would like to see leave a reply on the store, on facebook, twitter, or click the feedback button on in the app to email us directly. Some of the key features we plan to introduce.

      • Daily and weekly reports (an easy to read snapshot of your income).
      • Vehicle Manager to help track rented, leased and purchased vehicles.
      • Cloud storage of data allowing the app to sync over multiple devices.
      • Receipt photo processing (snap a photo and let the app find the data for you)
      • Mileage tracker and fuel ratio calculator (see what your earning based on your mileage to identify trends and efficiencies).

UPDATE! Version 1.5 is just around the corner!

This brings TaxiMate fully into the cloud with facebook, google, microsoft, and apple logins, a new interface and brand new vehicle manager feature!  Check out our first look preview gallery.

Road to MTD

HMRC have confirmed a date of the launch of Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment (MTD for ITSA).

MTD for ITSA – April 2026

In response to what is the biggest and likely most disruptive change in tax law since the introduction of self-assessment itself,  we are now pushing forward with our roadmap to ensure we are ready to support all our users with this new tax burden!

Please show your support by donating to our gofundme crowndfunder.

Using the App

Once set up, the app focuses all interactions through a fully customizable home screen. With just a few clicks, you can record anything from fares to fuel and more! check out our user guides section for tutorials, videos and more.

TaxiMate tutorial intro video (Version 1)

Deleting (Voiding) a Fare or Expense

Mistakes happen, and its important to ensure the data in the app is accurate. The following video shows you how to delete a fare or expense receipt by setting its value to 0. This method can also be used to correct a mistake, add a photo you forgot take, or change an expense category.

Void a Transaction (Version 1)

Stay tuned!

Check back soon to see more videos showcasing all the features of the app.

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About Us

The TaxiMATE App has been in development since 2015. The creative mind behind the app is an accountant who has been providing accountancy services for Taxi Drivers since 2001.

When Making Tax Digital was announced, Paul realised that he needed to come up with a solution to support his clients through this monumental change. The idea of digital record keeping for many taxi drivers has filled them with dread and Paul, like many other accountants, could not find a solution for them that didn’t result in a huge increase in costs and time.

Chariot Accountants Ltd

“When I heard about MTD the first thing I did was to inform my clients.  The reaction I received was almost unanimous, they didn’t want to change and many looked to me to take over their digital bookkeeping responsibilities.  We couldn’t accommodate such a mammoth task without increasing staff and costs, so I started looking for a solution to the problem.”

“It became apparent that there was none;  so, instead of waiting for someone to come up with one, I decided to solve the problem myself.  It’s not been easy and there have been a few hick-ups along the way, but it’s finally here!”

 “I am so excited to see where this goes in the future and look forward to all the new challenges to come!” – Paul Whitehouse (ACPA)