February 12, 2022

The Home Screen

TaxiMATE App requires very little setting up and can be used right out the box!

Version 1.0

Opening TaxiMATE will take you to the home screen.

To the top left hand corner is the menu (or hamburger) icon from her you can access a list of fares and expenses you have added, create fare templates, expense templates and access the settings.

To the top right is the feedback icon which can be used to directly email us with your feedback on the app. Whatever questions you might have about the app we will do our best to answer them for you. We also read customers suggestions and have used this as a way to guide our development of the app to include the features you want most, first!.

Below the TaxiMATE App logo is the template section. There are three “templates” provided for you by default. The speed fare, normal fare and add expense.

Speed Fare

Designed for recording your fares at the completion of the fare. Simply tap on the icon and enter the total amount of the far, any tips received, how your customer paid, and click save. Speed fares capture todays date and records it for you.

Normal Fare

Normal fares are identical to speed fares but allow you the option of choosing the date. This lets you record past transactions or group your entire days fares in one go!

Add Expense

Add Expense is the default way to record any and all expenses you might incur for your business. Whether its fuel, car wash, parking, toll, vehicle hire, tyres, etc.

Unlike fares, add expense requires you to choose an type for each expense. Expense Categories are hard coded into the app. You can find details of each category in our user guide.

With the camera icon, you can capture a photo of your receipt, allowing you do discard the paper version.

Thats it! your ready to start using the TaxiMATE App.

Advanced Features

If you want to learn more about the advanced features check out our guides below…

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